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If there are two things that leaking taps are highly effective at doing, they are keeping people awake in the middle of the night and driving up your water bills due to water wastage.

A leaky tap can potentially waste thousands of litres of water a year, water that you’ll ultimately be paying for. To stop your cold or hot water tap leaking and wasting valuable water, get in touch with Cyber Plumbers – the dripping tap specialists.

When it comes to fixing taps that are leaking, Cyber Plumbers’ team of experienced contractors provide the service and skill required to get the job done with optimal ease and efficiency. If you’re not quite comfortable with your DIY skills and don’t know how to fix a leaking tap, give us a call to see just what we can do for you.

Why Do I Have a Leaking Tap?

Given that there are many individual parts that make up a tap, there are many potential reasons as to why it may be leaking.

A common tap, one you’ll find in any kitchen, bathroom, laundry or any area of the home with access to running water, typically contains the following parts:

  • Washer – closes off the flow of water when the tap is turned off by pushing down on the base of the water pipe. Due to the ease in which friction causes washers to degrade over time, they are arguably the most common cause of a leaking tap.
  • O-Ring – Creates an impervious, watertight seal in the tap handle. However, if it gets dislodged or damaged you’ll likely find the tap handle eventually starting to leak.
  • Cartridge – Regulates water flow and temperature. Natural wear and tear or damage can see it cause your tap to leak.
  • Spindle – The part that the tap handle is connected to and controls the flow of water as someone turns the tap on or off.
  • Valve Seat – Highly susceptible to corrosion or wear and tear caused by friction, a damaged valve seat can result in a leaky tap handle.

Other common causes of a dripping tap include the age of the tapware, water pressure set too high, broken plumbing pipes and loose componentry. Whether you have a leaking tap spindle, or the dripping is coming from the spout, a Cyber Plumbers contractor will be able to assess the cause and take the necessary action to fix it.

How to Fix a Leaking Tap Yourself

For those who are confident with their DIY skills and comfortable with how to fix a dripping tap themselves, follow these instructions to stop your bathroom or kitchen tap leaking (once you’ve determined the cause) with a washer or O-Ring replacement.

Before you begin, make sure you have a washer repair kit handy or a new part to replace the damaged or worn component.

  • Shut off the mains water supply to your home. Turn on the tap that you are looking to fix and allow any remaining water to drain out. Once it’s free of water, turn the tap off. Unscrew the button or screw securing the tap handle and remove it from its position.
  • Remove the cover plate, which may be screwed on or fastened with an adhesive product.
  • Unfasten and remove the stem from its fixed position.
  • Below the stem you’ll see the jumper valve. Remove it from its current position and swap the corroded washer with a brand new one.
  • While you’re at it, you can also update the O-Ring by removing the existing one from the stem. It will be something you can either easily loosen or may need to cut off. Replace it with the new O-Ring.
  • Fix the jumper valve and stem back in place (jumper valve first) and then place all remaining parts back to their original positions.
  • Switch the main water supply back on and turn on the tap to assess the result.

Of course, if you’re not entirely confident with how to fix a leaky tap and would much rather place your trust in an experienced plumbing contractor, Cyber Plumbers can assist.

The Team to Trust When You Have a Dripping Tap

A leaking tap is something that needs immediate attention. Whether you have a leaking washing machine tap or there’s a hot water tap dripping in the bathroom or kitchen, you need the expertise of Cyber Plumbers.

  • Our plumbing contractors are fully certified and insured, and regularly complete refresher training to maintain their skills and knowledge.
  • We’re available 24/7, every day of the year, including public holidays and weekends.
  • Our contractors aim to be at your home to fix your dripping tap within one hour* of your call.
  • Our quoted prices are the same, regardless of the time of day you call. We don’t charge extra for after hours, weekend or holiday jobs!
  • We keep our state-of-the-art service vehicles stocked with all the essential tools and materials we need to get the job done, as well as cutting edge technology to complete the task with optimal efficiency.
  • Flexible interest free** payment terms help to ease the burden on your household budget.
  • Our 12-month workmanship warranty provides much needed peace of mind.

Every leaking tap repair job we complete comes with a Certificate of Compliance. This is an Australian Government regulation that shows the work has been completed by a licensed and accredited plumbing professional.

Interest Free** Payment Options for Optimal Convenience

Unexpected plumbing emergencies can place an unwelcome strain on your household budget, especially as problems like leaking taps can happen at the most inopportune times. Cyber Plumbers hopes to provide some level of convenience in these inconvenient moments with flexible payment options that ease some of that potential financial stress.

Working with finance providers Humm and Zip, we offer manageable interest free** payment terms with the flexibility to choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments. Some terms even accept a $0 deposit, so you pay nothing upfront.

Your Cyber Plumbers contractor can run through the application process with you, with most of our customers getting approved in just minutes. It’s that simple.

Call Us Day or Night for Effective Water Tap Maintenance

Whether you’ve found washing machine taps leaking in the laundry, or there’s a leaking kitchen tap that needs a valve change, Cyber Plumbers can help with all your essential water tap maintenance needs. No matter what time you need us, day or night, we’re here to help. Give us a call or contact us online and one of our customer service specialists will contact you back within three minutes.

All You Need to Know About Leaking Taps

Do you have any questions about leaking taps? We answer you questions right here.

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