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Have You Got a Burst Pipe in Need of Urgent Repair?

When it comes to serious plumbing emergencies, burst pipes must be at the top of the list. So, when it happens to you, there’s no time to waste. Contact Cyber Plumbers straight away for expert plumbers and long-term solutions.

Cyber’s Burst Pipe Solutions

Burst pipes are arguably the most serious of home plumbing problems. They can cause widespread damage to surrounding structures like walls, flooring and carpets. This damage, plus water wastage and an increase in water usage, will usually end up costing you more.

Don’t make the mistake of delaying burst water pipe repairs. Never underestimate the amount of damage they can cause.

Make the move and contact Cyber Plumbers for an immediate solution. We’ll send one of our fully qualified, licensed experts to your property. They’ll provide a long-term solution to ensure you don’t experience burst pipes again.

Cyber’s immediate service means you can say farewell to burst pipes and water leaking everywhere and hello to brand new pipes and repairs.

The Signs of Burst Water Pipes

Let’s face it, it’s not always easy spotting a burst water pipe. Sometimes the leak can be hidden underground or behind a wall.

Cyber is ready to jump into action whenever you need help. Our emergency burst pipe repairs are what you need if you notice:

  • Fluctuating water pressure
  • Damp or mould in the bathroom
  • Excess moisture around the home
  • Unexplained pools of water
  • Abnormal water supply

Cyber will assess the causes of a burst water pipe to ensure the issue is resolved promptly. We will recognise the warning signs or provide quick and reliable repairs when you most need it.

Types of Burst Pipes We Can Repair

Here at Cyber Plumbers, we know our plumbers are able to do repairs and replacements for all of the most common piping materials used in Australia, including all brands of plastics and varieties of metals.

All you need to do is contact us and we’ll send one of our burst pipe specialists to solve the problem. The most common types of piping we work with are:

Copper Pipes

Until about 15 years ago, copper was the most commonly used material for piping. These days, it’s regarded as very expensive compared to other options on the market. It also corrodes more than many people have been led to believe, especially when used for hot water.

Despite this, copper piping is still a very reliable material when used for cold water and gas, and is the preferred replacement material for our plumbers. If you have a leaking or burst copper pipe, you need to have it looked at as quickly as possible.

Contact Cyber Plumbers and one of our burst pipe experts will be with you in no time. We stock most sizes of copper piping in our vans, so we should be able to do all the work without having to go anywhere.

Plastic Pipes

Do you have a leaking plastic sewer pipe? And how’s your plastic water pipe? It’s quite common to see leaks and bursts with these kinds of rigid plastic pipes.

Breakages can easily result from any movement in the ground or inside the house, weakening from UV light or accidental knocks. Cyber has you covered for all leaking or burst plastic piping. Our plumbing technicians are able to repair or replace any section of plastic pipe that causes problems, and can even change your entire system if needed.

Polyethylene Pipes

Polyethylene pipe is usually found outside to carry water either away from or to a house or apartment block. Although it is very flexible, highly versatile and resistant to weather and UV rays, it can still leak or burst.

Problems such as ground movements pulling fittings apart, incorrect installation, and people accidentally damaging it while gardening or excavating can lead to leaking or burst polyethylene pipe. This needs to be replaced by a fully qualified Cyber Plumbers professional.

Hepworth Pipes

If you’ve ever been doing some work at home and you’ve hit a Hepworth pipeline, you’ll need expert help. Cyber Plumbers is the right place to call.

Our permanent van stock contains a large selection of Hepworth pipes and fittings, so we will have everything needed on site for any repair job. A Cyber professional will have your leaking or burst Hepworth pipe fixed quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Brass Fittings

Brass is a metal alloy made from copper and zinc, with the combination typically being 85% copper and 15% zinc in Australia. Due to its malleability, strength and resistance to corrosion, brass is commonly used for pipe fittings.

However, brass fittings can still leak, which is something that needs to be taken care of by a fully qualified plumbing contractor. That’s where you need Cyber Plumbers. Regardless of what’s causing your brass fittings to leak, our professional will be able to repair or replace them.

Rehau Pipes

Rehau is a European brand of flexible plastic pipes that are typically used for both hot and cold water applications. Rehau pipes are freeze resistant, heat resistant, durable, hugely versatile and easy to install – a very good option when you’re having your water system replaced with new material.

If this is a job you need done, or you already have Rehau pipes that are leaking, you need an expert plumber from Cyber. Our plumbing professionals are able to quickly and easily repair any damage to your existing Rehau pipeline, and can also replace it if necessary.

Auspex Pipes

Auspex is completely Australian owned and manufactured, a brand of flexible plastic water pipe which works particularly well for replacements. This is due to it being lightweight and durable, easy to install and resistant to heat, cold and corrosion.

If you need repairs or replacements to your Auspex pipeline, then Cyber Plumbers is the right call to make. All of our burst pipe experts have the skills, knowledge and experience to carry out any work needed on Auspex pipes, including a full system replacement.

Sharkbite Pipes

If you have leaking pipes, maybe it’s time for Cyber to repair or replace them with a Sharkbite fitting or pipe. These are high quality, durable metal fittings and flexible plastic piping that can connect to almost any other material.

If you have a Sharkbite pipe system that is leaking, Cyber has the expertise to fix it for you. Our professional plumbers have the training, experience and tools to repair or replace any Sharkbite pipeline to get the water flowing properly. Just make sure you tell us you have a Sharkbite pipe, and our technician will bring everything that’s needed.

Pro-Fit Pipes

These pipes are produced by Iplex, the largest Australian owned and operated pipe manufacturer. Pro-Fit piping is a flexible plastic pipe system used for both hot and cold water lines.

It’s versatile, lightweight, durable and resistant to corrosion, making it very useful for complete system replacements. If you’re thinking about having your piping system replaced with Pro-Fit pipes, contact Cyber Plumbers right away. You may already have Pro-Fit pipes that started to leak, in which case we can repair them for you.

The Main Causes of Burst Water Pipes

Occasionally pipes bust with little or not warning, but usually there are warning signs and a range of reasons why it happens. The most common causes of burst pipes include:

  • Corrosion from aged or rusted pipes
  • Overly high water pressure
  • Blocked pipes and pressure build up
  • Natural wear and tear
  • Tree root blockages
  • Freezing due to winter temperatures

Hot water systems are also prone to bursting, particularly storage tank systems. That’s why Cyber’s plumbing professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. Our aim is long-term solutions that ensure the overall security of your home. We even strive to have a plumber at your door within an hour of your call*.

Interest Free** Burst Pipes Repair

An emergency like a burst pipe never happens at a convenient time, particularly when it comes to the household budget. That’s why Cyber Plumbers’s flexible payment plans, available to eligible customers, will give you peace of mind.

Our interest free** payment plans give you the freedom to repay the costs at your own pace. You can choose between weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments through “buy now, pay later” lenders Humm or Zip. Some plans even accept a $0 deposit, so you don’t have to pay anything upfront.

Your Cyber plumber can take you through the application process on site, and approval usually takes only minutes. Your repair job can then be done without any payment upfront.

Just call Cyber Plumbers or fill out an online booking form. We operate 24/7 and we aim to have a plumber at your door within an hour of your call*.

Everything You Need to Know About Burst Pipes

There’s a lot to know about burst pipes. We answer all of your commonly asked questions here.

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