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If you’re in need of gas fitting services, Cyber Plumbers does it all, from cooktop installation to gas leak detection and much more.

Taking Care of Your Gas Appliances

The professional team at Cyber Plumbers does much more than water-based plumbing. Our technicians are fully trained and qualified gas fitters as well.

If you need gas appliances installed, repaired or maintained, Cyber Plumbers has gas fitters available 24/7, every day of the year. If you discover a gas leak and need urgent help we’ve got you covered. Cyber’s cutting edge gas services cover a broad spectrum, including:

  • Oven and cooktop installation
  • BBQ installation
  • Natural gas conversion
  • Gas heating installation and repair
  • Gas hot water system installation and repair
  • Gas leak detection and repair
  • Carbon monoxide testing

Cyber’s Fully Licensed Gas Fitters

It’s vital that the gas fitter you welcome into your home is licensed, insured and reputable. At Cyber, you can be assured that our technicians are all fully qualified gas fitters and are supported by our 12-month workmanship guarantee.

Our team of gas fitters are friendly, professional and focused on your needs. This means they arrive in a timely manner, within the hour* for emergencies, even on public holidays and weekends.

You can place your trust in Cyber; we’ve got the best gas plumbers in the business on call 24/7. When it comes to gas plumbing services such as pipe repairs, gas bayonet fitting installations and gas appliance servicing, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Emergency Gas Fitting Services

When disaster strikes and you need the support of emergency gas fitters, call Cyber Plumbers. We’re experts in gas leak detection, fault finding and repairs for all work involving your natural gas supply.

With local technicians available throughout major metropolitan areas, and usually in a suburb near you, Cyber is proud to deliver same-day service. A fully qualified gas fitter will be at your door when you need help.

The best way to tackle any issues with gas hot water systems, fixtures and fittings, gas heaters and appliances is to get the job done quickly and get it done right. Everything will be up and running in no time, operating efficiently and safely for you and your family.

Cyber aims to provide the best gas plumbing experience with our fully licensed gas fitters. That means you are assured professionalism and long-term safety when you call Cyber Plumbers.

Gas Appliance Commissioning

For any gas fitting services you need, including commissioning a gas appliance, Cyber’s professional contractors are on call and ready to do the job.

When a gas appliance is installed and attached to a power source by a gas fitter, it needs to be checked for safety and functionality. This is called commissioning. It is essential before using any appliance as it examines ventilation, gas pressure and the soundness of gas connections.

All of Cyber’s gas plumbers will commission every gas appliance they install and supply you with a certificate of compliance, so you will be assured your new appliance works perfectly and is safe to use.

An unlicensed gas fitter can’t issue you with a certificate of compliance. Not having a certificate could void your appliance warranty and pose a health and safety risk to your home and family.

Interest Free** Gas Fitting Services

Problems with gas appliances don’t always happen at a convenient time, particularly when it comes to the household budget. That need not be a worry when you call Cyber about your gas fitting needs.

For eligible customers, we offer a range of convenient interest free** payment plans, some with zero deposit required, through lenders Humm and Zip. You have the flexibility to make payments in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments. Your friendly Cyber gas fitter can take you through the easy application process and approval usually takes only a few minutes.

Contact Cyber Plumbers today or fill out a service form online for all gas fitting services.

All of Your Gas Fitting Questions Answered

There’s a lot more to gas fitting than you might think. We answer all of your frequently asked questions here.

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