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If you have a blocked stormwater drain, or problems with any other outside drains, call the professional team at Cyber Plumbers. Our cutting-edge technicians are the best in the industry and will solve your drainage problems.

Do You Have a Blocked Stormwater Drain?

Has your stormwater drain been draining slowly recently? Or perhaps it’s started to back up and is overflowing? Looks like you’ve got a blocked stormwater drain, which can quickly become a big problem.

The professionals at Cyber Plumbers can solve your blocked drain problem immediately. If you’re searching for a stormwater plumber, look no further than Cyber.

It is essential that our stormwater drains always flow freely. These drains collect dirt and garden waste, leaves and foliage and other garden debris that will eventually create a blockage. That blockage can be particularly difficult to shift when the build-up becomes too dense and solid. Another problem is that blockages leave you susceptible to flooding and major property damage if anything else goes wrong.

Cyber Plumbers’ fully trained and qualified professionals are experts in blocked stormwater drains, and can find the location and cause of your blockage. We can have it cleaned and cleared with the use of our CCTV camera technology or high-powered hydro jet drain cleaning.

From tree roots and leaves to dirt and sludge, our stormwater drain plumbers have seen it all. We’ll solve the problem quickly and get your stormwater running smoothly in no time.

What Causes Stormwater Drain Blockages?

There are two types of drains on your property – stormwater and sewer pipes. Your stormwater drain system is made up of underground pipework and downpipes which are connected to your gutters. There are likely to be other drainage channels, as well, near your driveway and pathways.

They all collect rainwater, providing appropriate irrigation to the home. Without an efficient stormwater system, your home would be at risk of foundational damage as heavy amounts of water seep into the soil during winter.

But what causes blocked stormwater drains? It’s a lot different from blockages you find in a sewer pipe. Stormwater drain blockages are caused by:

  • Tree roots
  • Garden waste such as leaves, dirt and debris
  • Damaged pipes
  • Collapsed pipes
  • Toys or rubbish

While stormwater pipes are designed to deal with a lot of water, they can’t handle a build-up of debris. That’s why it’s always important to keep your garden clean as a large downpour will push leaves, clippings and more into your drains.

Invasive tree roots are the most likely culprit; an unseen enemy which causes up to 95 per cent of blockages. These thirsty invaders just love the moisture and nutrients found in your drains.

Our Stormwater Drain Expertise

Cyber Plumbers’ contractors are all fully licensed and undergo continuous training so we’re up with the latest practices and technology. We only use the most modern cleaning technology when we solve your stormwater drain issues.

This often means the use of a hydro jet drain cleaning machine. With a hose and nozzle system shooting water at high pressure of 5000 psi (pounds per square inch) through the blocked drain, the hydro jet can cut through even the toughest tree roots and sludge. Alternatively, for a less stubborn problem we might use an electric drain snake to clear your stormwater drain blockage.

To find the blockage and determine what it’s made up of, we often use a CCTV drain camera to inspect your drain and work out the best solution.

Emergency Stormwater Drain Cleaning

When your stormwater drain is overflowing, you don’t want to leave it too long, particularly when there’s more rain on the way. That’s when you need to call Cyber Plumbers – we will assess the problem and unblock your stormwater drain in no time.

Cyber’s stormwater drain experts always aim to be at your door within an hour* of your call, arriving in one of our fully stocked vans so we can complete the job immediately. If the blockage is severe and in need of a hydro jet drain cleaner, we have easy access to such technology.

Regardless of whether your stormwater drain crisis happens at noon on a Tuesday or midnight on a Sunday, our emergency plumbers are available 24/7, every day of the year and will be there soon. We always charge the same rates, whether during the day or after hours.

Interest Free** Stormwater Drain Services

At Cyber Plumbers, we know that stormwater drain emergencies don’t ever happen when it suits you, particularly when it comes to your budget. We want to help to ease your stress in a stormwater drain emergency.

That’s why we offer a range of interest free** payment plans for eligible customers. Your Cyber Plumbers professional can easily take you through the application process on site. Approval usually only takes a few minutes.

You can choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, whatever suits your financial situation, and select a payment plan from one of our providers, Zip or Humm. Some plans even accept a $0 deposit, so you don’t pay anything upfront. After that, just sit back and let Cyber Plumbers fix your stormwater drain problem.

Contact Cyber Plumbers by phone any day or night for your blocked stormwater drain needs or fill out our online order form and one of our friendly customer service staff will get back to you immediately.

FAQ – We Answer Your Blocked Stormwater Drain Questions

Are you wondering why a blocked stormwater drain is so serious? We answer all your questions here.

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