The Cyber Group is at Your Service on Anzac Day

Rest assured, the Cyber group is here to cater to your plumbing, electrical and air conditioning needs throughout the upcoming Anzac Day public holiday.

Our dedicated team is on call, ready to tackle any emergencies that may arise, without any additional charges for after-hours service. With Cyber, you can count on consistent fees and prompt assistance, ensuring your peace of mind.

Our skilled technicians are on standby to handle any home maintenance emergencies that may occur throughout the public holiday, allowing you to enjoy the day off without any worries. Our services are available around the clock on all public holidays for reliable repairs, maintenance and installations.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Cyber for plumbing, electrical or air conditioning services on Anzac Day. We strive to arrive at your doorstep within an hour* of your call, ensuring a quick resolution to any issues you may experience.

Emergency Plumbers Ready to Respond

A blocked toilet or clogged drain can quickly dampen your public holiday plans. But fear not, Cyber Plumbers are at your service to tackle these issues and more, ensuring your plumbing woes are swiftly resolved.

Whether it’s unblocking toilets, servicing showers, repairing burst pipes, or restoring hot water, our team has you covered, allowing you to focus on enjoying quality time with loved ones.

We are available on Anzac Day

Urgent Heating and Cooling Support

With the colder months on the way, the last thing you need is for your heating and cooling system to falter. That’s why Cyber Air Conditioning remains available to ensure your indoor environment stays warm and comfortable throughout the public holiday.

Our heating and cooling specialists are on standby 24/7, with consistent fees for after-hours and public holiday callouts, providing you with peace of mind during this time of relaxation.

Emergency Electricians on Call

Cyber Electrical is on the road and ready for call if you experience an electrical emergency during your Anzac Day public holiday.

From a major power outage to complete home rewiring or the need for new powerpoints, don’t hesitate to call on the expertise of Cyber’s electricians.

Make the Most of Your Day Off

Throughout the Anzac Day public holiday, the Cyber group is committed to providing you with seamless plumbing, electrical and air conditioning services whenever you need them.

Our technicians are on call 24/7, every day of the year, which includes weekends and every public holiday.

Whether it’s a burst drain, air conditioning malfunction or power outage, don’t hesitate to contact the Cyber group for immediate assistance, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free Anzac Day with friends and family.

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Rest assured, the Cyber group is here to cater to your plumbing, electrical and air ...

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