Cyber Plumbers on the Road Over Easter Long Weekend

Unlike the traditional Easter shutdown, Cyber Plumbers breaks the norm. We extend our services throughout the entire Easter long weekend, operating round the clock.

Whether it’s a sudden hot water system malfunction or any plumbing emergency, rest assured, Cyber Plumbers will promptly attend to your needs.

What sets us apart is our commitment to fair pricing – there are no additional charges for after-hours services. Our rates remain consistent regardless of the time or day of the week.

Easter Emergencies

Typically, Easter prompts calls to plumbers only in the most extreme plumbing emergencies. However, with no extra charges for after-hours service, you can rely on Cyber Plumbers to fix any plumbing problem straight away over the extended weekend. We always aim to be at your door within an hour* of your call.

Feel at ease knowing that all bills can be managed by using our convenient finance options** for eligible customers through providers Zip or Humm, allowing you to make convenient weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.

Should your Easter break be marred by plumbing woes like a blocked toilet or a burst pipe, Cyber Plumbers swiftly resolves the issue, day or night. Thus, what could have been a major disruption turns into a minor inconvenience.

Mother and daughter enjoying Easter

Easter Plumbing Jobs

Easter presents the perfect opportunity to tackle those lingering household tasks. Take advantage of Cyber Plumbers’ accessibility and cost-effectiveness to address any plumbing issues you’ve been contemplating.

Consider enhancing your garden’s functionality by having us install new garden taps, ensuring your outdoor space is in optimal condition.

As you freshen up your kitchens or bathrooms with a fresh coat of paint, you may notice the ageing of your tapware. Why not opt for new tapware and let Cyber Plumbers handle the installation with our emergency plumbing service? Selecting the right taps is a breeze, as our well-equipped vans carry a variety of options.

If you’re planning a big Easter BBQ and realise you’ve forgotten to refill the gas bottle, why not give Cyber Plumbers a call? We can connect your BBQ to mains gas for a permanent solution, saving you the hassle of navigating through busy local hardware stores.

Winter is On the Way

Easter marks a prime opportunity to prepare for the upcoming winter season before the rush sets in. At Cyber Plumbers, we are fully certified gas fitters capable of installing and servicing gas heating systems.

Make the most of the Easter long weekend by scheduling a service or installation for your gas heater. At Cyber Plumbers, not only do we handle the installation or maintenance, but we also conduct carbon monoxide tests to ensure the safety of your heating system and those around it.

Wishing you a joyful Easter break! Rest assured that Cyber Plumbers remains open and ready to assist you whenever you need us.

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Unlike the traditional Easter shutdown, Cyber Plumbers breaks the norm. We extend our services throughout ...

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