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Complete Your Bathroom with a Bidet Installation

In homes across Australia, bidet attachments and electric bidet seats are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a hygienic alternative to regular toilet paper usage. These modern fixtures can easily integrate with existing toilet seats, using the current water supply for a straightforward installation process.

Installing bidets not only supports personal hygiene with adjustable water pressure and various bidet functions but also aligns with environmental goals by reducing toilet paper dependence.

Whether opting for a handheld bidet or a more sophisticated bidet seat, the installation involves simple plumbing connections, typically manageable with an adjustable wrench and basic understanding of your home’s water system.

The Basics of Bidets

Bidets are designed to fit seamlessly with your existing toilet setup, enhancing the functionality of your regular toilet suite. Whether it’s a bidet attachment that connects directly to the toilet bowl or a sophisticated bidet hose, installation is typically straightforward.

These devices are attached to the main water supply line, ensuring a consistent wash flow, and should be installed under the guidance of a licensed plumber to comply with the Australian plumbing standards.

Installing a bidet involves adhering to the national construction code and ensuring that all connections, including the shut off valve and backflow prevention devices, are installed correctly.

This is crucial to prevent any high hazard scenarios and to maintain the integrity of your home’s plumbing system. A reduced pressure zone device or other backflow prevention device may be required to safeguard against any contamination of the main water supply.For those preferring a more flexible option, handheld bidets or douche sprays offer portability and easy installation. These simply attach to the existing water hose underneath your cistern, controlled via a shut off valve that makes them ideal for user-specific adjustments in water pressure and direction.

This setup ensures that even without extensive plumbing knowledge, homeowners can undertake a bidet installation with minimal tools and fuss.

Choosing the Right Bidet for Your Home

Before installing a bidet, it’s crucial to assess the space around your existing toilet seat to ensure compatibility and ease of installation. This involves checking the proximity of the toilet to the water metre and the main water supply to handle the potential high water pressure that bidets require.

The space must also accommodate any additional fixtures like a bidet sprayer or douche spray without obstructing the toilet’s regular functions.

Measure the area around the toilet tank, especially if you plan to install a standalone bidet unit. Ensure there’s adequate room between the toilet and the wall to fit the new device and for it to operate without interference with the drain or flush mechanisms. Licensed plumbers can provide precise measurements and suggest the best type of bidet for your specific bathroom layout.

Consulting with plumbing companies or reviewing the plumbing code can help determine any structural modifications needed or regulatory compliance issues before you install a bidet. This preliminary assessment will guide the installation process, ensuring it is conducted smoothly and efficiently.

A control for a newly installed bidet

Compatibility with Existing Toilet Seats

When considering the installation of bidets, it’s essential to evaluate whether your existing toilet seats are compatible with the bidet models available. This ensures that the integration is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Most modern bidets are designed to be compatible with standard toilets, offering features that allow for adjustable fitting and control mechanisms that are easy to operate.

Before installing a bidet, check the size and shape of your toilet bowl. Bidets typically fit best with elongated or round bowls, but the specifics can vary by brand and model. It’s important to match these details to avoid issues with installation or functionality.

Additionally, the control options available on various bidet models should be considered. Some systems offer more sophisticated controls, including temperature and pressure adjustments, which require additional space around the toilet seat for the control panel. Ensure your toilet area can accommodate these features without hindrance.

The Benefits of Installing a Bidet

What are the major benefits of installing a bidet? Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of modernising your bathroom.

Hygiene and Health

Installing bidets in your bathroom can significantly elevate personal hygiene and health. The direct wash function that bidets offer is more effective in removing bacteria and germs compared to traditional toilet paper. This can help reduce the occurrence of common irritations and infections, promoting a cleaner and healthier bathroom environment.

What’s more, bidets are especially beneficial for individuals with mobility issues or certain health conditions, such as haemorrhoids, where gentler hygiene practices are necessary. The ease of use and accessibility provided by a bidet can greatly enhance the quality of life for these individuals, making personal care tasks less strenuous and more comfortable.

Overall, the health benefits associated with installing bidets are substantial. By providing a thorough clean with adjustable settings, bidets ensure that hygiene is maintained at an optimal level, contributing to better overall health and wellbeing.

Environmental Impact

The decision to install bidets is not only beneficial for personal hygiene but also significantly impacts the environment positively. Traditional toilet paper production involves extensive use of trees, water, and energy, contributing to environmental degradation. By adopting bidets, households can drastically reduce their toilet paper usage, lowering their ecological footprint.

Bidets minimise the need for paper, which in turn decreases the demand on forestry and reduces the volume of waste ending up in landfills. This simple change in bathroom habits can contribute to more sustainable living practices, making bidets an eco-friendly option for modern households.

Furthermore, modern bidets are designed to be efficient in water usage despite misconceptions. They use a controlled amount of water to achieve better cleanliness, which is often less than the water used in producing and disposing of toilet paper. Installing bidets can be a step towards more responsible water use in home care routines.

A newly installed bidet

A Step-by-Step Guide to Bidet Installation

It is essential to have the assistance of a trained and licensed professional to assist with your bidet installation. Before installation, ensure you have turned off the water supply at the shutoff valve near your toilet to prevent any leaks.

Place a bucket underneath to catch any residual water when detaching the hose. It’s also wise to clear the area around the toilet for easy access.

Installing the Bidet Toilet Seat

  1. Preparation and removal: An expert will begin by carefully removing the existing toilet seat. They will unscrew the fittings, ensuring the integrity of the toilet bowl, and clear the area to accommodate the new bidet toilet seat.
  2. Fitting the new seat: The professional will position the bidet seat onto the toilet, aligning it with the existing holes. They will securely fasten the seat with bolts, making adjustments to ensure it fits perfectly and functions correctly. This precise alignment prevents movement and ensures stability.
  3. Connection and testing: Lastly, the licensed plumber will connect the bidet seat to the water supply using a T-adapter, ensuring tight and leak-free connections. They will then conduct a thorough test, checking for leaks and verifying all bidet functions, such as water pressure and temperature control, are operating as expected.

Ensuring Proper Functionality

  • Initial testing: Once the bidet is installed, the expert will conduct initial tests to check the functionality of all features. They will adjust the water pressure and temperature settings, ensuring that each function operates smoothly and meets the user’s preferences. This testing is crucial to identify any immediate issues.
  • Long-term maintenance: The professional will also advise on regular maintenance practices to keep the bidet in optimal condition. This includes checking hoses and connections periodically for leaks and cleaning the nozzles to prevent blockages. Proper maintenance ensures the bidet continues to function efficiently and extends its lifespan.

Embrace Bidet Technology in Your Home

Installing a bidet in your bathroom is a wise choice that enhances hygiene and contributes to environmental sustainability. With features like adjustable water pressure and temperature control, bidets offer a superior cleansing experience compared to traditional toilet paper.

Consider the long-term benefits of adding a bidet to your home. Not only does it elevate your daily routine with enhanced comfort and cleanliness, but it also aligns with eco-friendly practices by reducing paper waste. Make the switch to a bidet for a lasting impact on both your health and the environment.

Please note: This information is provided for advice purposes only. Regulations differ from state to state, so please consult your local authorities or an industry professional before proceeding with any work. See Cyber Plumbers’ Terms & Conditions here.

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